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No Gas Baby is an online marketplace exclusively for electric vehicles (EVs). We take great pride in receiving every submission to list an EV with us on our site. Each submission provides us with the opportunity to write about something new, something we're passionate about, while creating immediate access to a searching marketplace. Our mission is to better serve the EV community as a trusted, go-to platform for buying and selling EVs of all types.


And yes, our name pays tribute to CD Baby!'s Derek Sivers as inspiration in getting off the ground from his book, Anything You Want.



We don't like ads plastered all over our site

Third-party or independent ads not approved by No Gas Baby are not allowed on our site. 

We take pride in writing every listing

Not only do we enjoy writing about the EVs submitted to us, but we know how much better a marketplace is with a level of objectivity and seller transparency.

Seller transparency and buyer protection is important to us 

No Gas Baby has zero tolerance for dishonest sellers or buyers. the NGB EV marketplace is designed to increase barriers to entry for sellers, and filter out non-serious buyers. Accounts may be shut down after report investigations.

We believe in EV accessibility and community

No Gas Baby was created to accelerate access to the non-gasoline powered marketplace. In order for clean transportation to reach mass adoption, there must be direct access to the marketplace with minimal hurdles.

We're an eco-conscious bunch with a passion for cars

Any non-gasoline powered car really excites us - from the daily drivers to the one-off EV conversions!


The Pillars of No Gas Baby

Always go the extra mile for NGB users.

Always go the extra mile for NGB users.

If a submission is questionable, just say no.

No salesmen spiels here. Objective voices only.

Be driven to connect the right EVs to the right buyers.

Embrace the process. Then, progress.

Help a seller, sell. Get a buyer zooming.

Any non-gasoline powered car is welcome on No Gas Baby.