No Gas Baby: Pre-Sell Checklist & Photo Guide

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We're ecstatic to have you interested in listing your electric or non-gasoline powered vehicle on our website! We want to help you find an interested and qualified buyer, as well as maximize the value of your offers and minimize your time on the market. Having a comprehensive photo (and video) gallery is a sure-fire way to attract more offers as it provides a greater in-depth look at the vehicle since the buyer may not be able to fly across the country to look at your EV.

Great images and videos help potential buyers feel more safe about reaching out to you as a seller. Spending only a little more time on making your EV standout in photos is worth the effort, or local amateur photographer rate. It's just as important to provide as much information and details about the car as possible, not glossing over anything about the EV.

Getting Started

Here is a quick-start guide to help you go from owner to seller with No Gas Baby.

  1. Gather all of your vehicle information, receipts, service records, title or registration - everything about your EV. If you have the window sticker, even better! That information about the car is super helpful to have for prospective buyers.

  2. Take great photos. Consider hirin

g a photographer to take photos of your vehicle for you, or set the vehicle up for a shoot yourself. We require a bit more than the standard Craigslist or listing ads, so make sure you take plenty of photos and hold onto them on a digital file where you can access them later. See the Photo Guide below for more on taking photos.

  1. Take note (and a photo) of the odometer reading, and title. Take a walk-around or driving video (optional) if you'd like, and send us the Vimeo or YouTube link.

  2. Head over to our Submission Page and fill out the form with the information you collected in step 1.

  3. Once you submit the form, we'll follow up with you generally within 24 hours. We'll send over a folder specific to your vehicle to upload all of the photos, and/or ask for more information or clarity into something specific about your submission. We'll also send over a link to accept payment for the listing fee. There is a possibility we may deny your listing if we feel it is incomplete, or have any reasonable doubt to believe the listing may be false in any capacity.

  4. Your listing will go live once we have received all of the photos in the folder, the listing fee, and have no further questions. You'll get a notification when your EV is live, and anytime someone wants to contact you.

  5. When you sell the vehicle, let us know when the transaction is complete and we'll remove your listing from the site. Woot-woot!

Tips for Sellers:

  • Always get the returned, signed Bill of Sale AND confirmation of the agreed upon funds from the buyer before releasing ownership of the vehicle.

  • Monitor your emails and comments while the listing is active. Answering questions in comments can help avoid repetitive emails and get straight to offers or sale.

  • Be responsive, and try not to entertain more than one seller at a time, or let them know that they are in line if there are multiple competing offers.

NGB Photo Guide

We recommend sending us a minimum of 14 photos. The best-selling vehicles offer comprehensive photos galleries, and a walk around video never hurts. The most important piece of advice we can give you is to take quality, eye level photos that capture every angle of the vehicle. You can do this in 8 photos around the car (see gallery below) and with some well-lit interior photos, in addition to trunk space, tires, and any close-ups or underside images.

Before taking photos, find an ideal setting that best captures your vehicle with minimal background distractions. The best settings have zero background clutter or objects, are well lit by either natural sunlight or photography lighting, and are shot in high resolution. While we do not recommend using your phone to take all of your photos, some newer models have fantastic camera capabilities and can produce acceptable results with minimal editing.

Photography of your vehicle is important; do not skimp on it. Consider hiring a local semi-professional photographer or friend to take some photos of your vehicle. Your photos do not need to be poster-grade, but they should provide detailed insight into the current state of your vehicle. You should also take close ups of any bodily damage, paint chips or scratches, or interior wear and tear, if applicable. Your goal here is to give potential buyers a comprehensive overview of your EV in every aspect. Honesty is valued at No Gas Baby.

Gallery Example:

Car: Polestar 2 via Unsplash

The above stock images used were professionally done for a Polestar 2. These images capture the various image angles that should be included in your own gallery. Note, it is missing a trunk and passenger side seat image, but has many of the requirements, including:

Exterior Images:

  1. Front

  2. Front-left

  3. Left

  4. Back-left

  5. Back

  6. Back-right

  7. Right

  8. Right-front

  9. Tire(s)

  10. Optional: close-up of scratches, dings, or bodily damage

  11. Optional: underside photos

Interior Images:

You are only limited by the images you want to take. Consider taking photos with the entire car open up, at the beach, in the city, or cruising on a Sunday drive. Great photos are the anchor of the modern online marketplace. They're a valuable asset within the control of any seller today that can hook or sink any one potential buyer. We hope these tips and this short guide help you take better photos, or give you a better understanding of why photos matter to your listings just as much as the details of your EV. We look forward to seeing what you send us!

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